Ten Benefits of the Pallet less Autopark System:

Example adv. 3
1 Costs can be reduced – Other than a automatic pallet system the pallet less system doesn’t need pallets.

2 Quicker and higher capacity – Other than with automatic pallet system, no additional logistic handling for empty and/or full pallets.

3 Up to 20% more space/carplaces in same building. In relation to other systems the Autopark system has the lowest headroom space for each parking layer. Only 100 mm addition height is needed so the difference can be up to 350 mm / layer . This means in a 5 layer building Autopark can realize 1 addition parking layer in same building height

4 Reduction of maintenance costs and higher flexibility and availability. Autopark has a 3 generation shuttle development based on wireless shuttle, so the system is NOT connected to T-car. Meaning less costs and spare parts. In combination with redundancy concept deadlock situations can be avoided which means higher system availability.

5. Intelligence and comfort. The Autopark system is based on an intelligent floor measurement system. Together with the turn plate at the entrance gate – standard part of delivery scoop – the car position can be corrected without pushing the car with mechanical rods or floor guidance systems. The Autopark entry has a flat floor without any obstacle and therefore has maximum comfort for users.

At start investment for larger capacity isn’t necessary and system can be upgraded in capacity. Autopark system is modular and flexible. This means the  amount of robots – gates and elevator can be increased in later phase if more working capacity is needed.

7 Highest availability for service and maintenance without process interruption. Based on experience Autopark always delivers redundancy system  to get the highest availability as possible and to be sure that for service/maintenance single units an be switch of without process interruption because the will continue in automatic mode.
8 Maximum efficiency and minimum external coordination.  Autopark can offer the project as a turn key project including steel , concrete and building installation , service and after sales. Customer therefore can concentrate on his own business and the projects can be realized by the Autopark project team with less external coordination as high efficiency.

Service 24/7 . All systems have full remote teleservice with camera and data control functions  This means service can be done 24/7 on very efficient way

10 High quality and best lifecycle cost ratio. Autopark systems are from German design and therefore follows the highest quality standard in the world for production with best  lifecycle cost ratio