What are the standard car dimensions

The dimensions are according to the German standard. This covers Smart as smallest car and the Mercedes S-class as the biggest plus Common SUV’s.

Car dimension

  • Length Max 5.300 mm
  • Width Max 2.050 mm
  • Height Max 1500–1850–2100mm
  • Weight Max 2300 kg
  • Rear / front overhang max 1.100 mm
  • Wheel base 1850 -3050 mm
  • Wheel width clearance inside 1.200 mm
  • Wheel width clearance outside 1.850 mm
  • Minimum floor clearance ≥ 100 mm
  • Tolerance weight front – rear min 40-60% / max 60-40%

Why the Autopark system isn’t round but only rectangular

  • Autopark only delivers redundancy systems. In this case round form is not efficient.
  • In common building companies don’t work with curves or round. Rectangular is more easy
  • If wished by client we can deliver outsides shapes such as round- or semi round systems.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of floors

To get a maximum result of the advantages of the system the minimum number of floors is 2. At this moment the maximum of floors is 15, but if there is a request for buildings higher thatn 15 floors, please contact our engineering department.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of cars per system.

All Autopark systems are standard developed as a redundancy system there are always min. 2 robots – 2 entry gates and 2 elevators. For an optimal price ratio we advise to keep a minimum of 80 cars, but the best ratio is between 120 – 240 places. There is no limit to the amount of parking places. For the larger projects they are separated as single unit that’s why it is a full modular system with no limitation. There has already been planned projects with 8000 cars in 1 project (car parking and car storage)

What happens if my car is too big for the system

The standard max. car dimension is based on the common EU standard which is max.2150*5300mm Depending of the wishes of the client the car height can be adjusted in the project but is normally between 1500-2300 mm. Before the vehicle enters the parking enclosure the basic dimension of the car will be checked. If it fails to meet the specific criteria it will not be allowed to enter the system.

How long does it take to park and retrieve my car

The following approximate loading and retrieval times are design parameters / entry gate (cars per entry lane per hour):

      • ±15 seconds to start park IN order (after pressing the activation button);
      • basic design is based on max 3 minutes retrieval time for a car to entry gate ( average 90 sec ) ;
      • Capacity for 1 entry gate approx. 30-45 car / hour ( depending of user application and experience ).

Depending of project configuration these specifications can be difference. All Autopark systems are upgradable in capacity so additional robots and entry gates can be added if more capacity is needed.

Is there a sprinkler system required – in case of fire

If a sprinkler is necessary depends on the requirements by law in your country. Also size and building height will possibly be part of the local regulations. We advise you to check with your local authority.

If required, Autopark can offer the parking system with complete fire detection and extinguisher system included. Three different kind of systems can be offered:

1. Sprinkler system;
2. Hi pressure fog system
3. ICO2 gas system ;

Depending of the system a separate water supply systems is needed. In case there is no availability In concept we have foreseen a possibility for water buffer tanks.

Is the system Earthquake resistant

We have already planned systems in area where building regulation has foreseen a high prevalence of earthquakes. Standard system however is based on Europe. The standard building regulation also is foreseen in wind forces related to the height of the building . If you specify or indicate your local regulation our engineering department can inform you about the details for your project.

What is the recommended temperature range for Autopark Systems

Basic standard design for system is made for an inside operation temp from 5°C -40 °C. If inside temperature is out of this range additional cooling or heating systems are available as option for equipment and control. Entry gates are all equipped with double safety doors. Outside temp from -30° +45 ° are no problem as long as they don’t influence the inside temperature. Autopark has also experience with snow and ice conditions and high temperatures in dust surroundings . For extreme weather conditions Autopark can offer additional sensor protections. Contact our specialist if needed.

What is the parking ratio of the Autopark System?

If this means the number of m2 per car, we mention that the Autopark system is incredibly compact and efficient. The following ratio can be realized: 2.62 - 4.23m² per car Including ramps conventional car parks require 30 - 40m² per car.

How do I get my car out of a small parking enclosure if I’m not good at reversing?

Because the Autopark system was designed to provide a pleasant and relaxing parking experience for the car as well as the driver there is no need to reverse. The central robot automatically rotates the car and once in the parking enclosure it’s always ready to be driven out because of facing forward.

How do you deal when drivers want to retrieve their car at the same time?

The Autopark system should of course match the anticipated vehicle volume. This will reduce the waiting time. If a vehicle approaches the parking it will be directed to the next available parking tower using our integrated sensors and software. By showing the cars being manipulated in the system or showing remaining waiting time is a possibility to minimalize possible driver irritation.

How does Autopark contribute to an eco-friendly and green planet

After parking the car on the pallet ZERO emissions are released because at this point the central robot automatically conveys the car to a vacant parking place in the system. (a) Using 50% less space to park the same number of cars as a conventional garage. The amount of land used affects sustainability issues such as development density and maximizing open space. Architects and developers can now use less space for parking and incorporate more green space and open areas to meet certification requirements. (b) Reducing the traffic congestion and accompanying pollution. Multiple studies have reported that 30% to 50% of traffic congestion in city centers is generated by drivers searching for a parking space. (c) Reducing pollution inside the garage by using electromechanical automated parking machinery to move cars into parking spaces. No cars run inside the garage, and there is no driving up and down ramps and through aisles in search of a space. This significantly reduces the emissions of harmful gases, reduces the carbon footprint, increases carbon credits and ensures an environmentally clean parking facility.

What is the construction period for an average Autopark parking tower?

Elevated Tower:
After the work on the foundation started approximately 4 months in total:
* Basic foundation construction: 1 month;
* Steel framework installation: 1 month;
* Robot installation: 2 months.
Underground Tower:
After the work on the foundation started approximately 8 months in total:
* Basic foundation construction: 5 months;
* Steel framework installation: 1 month;
* Robot installation: 2 months.

How long does it take to build a Full Automatic Parking System?

The time it takes to build a turnkey Automatic Parking system depends on the size of the project. The average time to complete is somewhere between 12 and 14 months.

In the event of a major breakdown can I still retrieve my

Because the system can be operated not only automatically but also manually there is always a possibility to retrieve your car. Further details can be explained if asked.

Does the Autopark system has a breakdown rate?

The software as well as the mechanical components are extremely reliable, so generally speaking there are no breakdowns. But like with all machines the regular maintenance is elementary. Therefore Autopark always recommends a maintenance contract after finishing the project just to keep the system up to date and reliable.

Does the parking tower hurt the eye?

The Autopark underground system is in visibility not bigger than a double garage. It’s very easy to integrate in the environment and the area. Also elevated systems can be integrated harmoniously matching surrounding buildings and architecture. For more ideas of the design you can also have a look on the other chapters of our website. Because the system is designed to accommodate cars it is extremely compact with just little height needed.

Does the parking system require a stand-alone building?

The Autopark parking system can be a stand-alone building but is also executable below a Building or above a building just as long as there is an access route to the terminal.

How reliable is a Autopark parking system or can my car get stuck inside?

Autopark has more than 10 years of experience in building, designing and operating full automatic parking systems. They are built in a way that even with a possible machine failure the cars can always be retrieved from the system. By monitoring the already realized systems we got insight information and experience with which we nowadays have our systems optimized in reliability, redundancy,safety and flexibility.

Is the Autopark Parking system also suitable for handicapped?

The standard entry- and exit terminals are build suitable and comfortable also for the handicapped. The width of the terminals is compatible with the requirements of the American Disability Act.

What are the rooms needed to operate a Robotic Parking System?

In addition to the actual storage volume, a control room,lobby,electrical room, pump room, Generator room and storage room for spare parts are needed.