Standard configuration layout

Layout configuration can be made depending of available space. The minimum space needed is approx.  20*20 meter

Minimum of entry gates is always 2 , which gives maximum freedom to configure entrée-elements on the street. If no street buffer is possible we can also create an inside buffer.

Length and height of the system are fully flexible.  For a layout up to 6 layers we mostly use a SOA ( Side of Aisle ) elevator . With this configuration we can work under- as well as upper earth.

If more than 6 layers needed we try to work EOA elevator to get a maximum use of space . To get redundancy the min. amount of elevators is always 2.

On the other hand the amount of robots is fully flexible. Depending of the system size and capacity we can work with 2 – 8 robots in 1 unit.

If more then 200-300 cars capacity is needed we can work with multi-lane configuration where every layer can be filled with single units.

On request we'll supply you with datasheets or other configurations and lay-outs. 

Longitudinal Lay-out
Vertical Lay-out