Mission Statement

Mission statement

We want to help our customers to become more productive and save money by delivering advanced parking solutions which are reliable, flexible, upgradable and cost-effective.

Autopark aims to provide a safe & secure parking system that:

  • Maximizes system flexibility
  • Maximizes system reliability
  • Is designed for industrial environment
  • Trains customer to be self-supporting
  • Allows for modular expansion

Cost of Ownership

The cost of ownership is the accumulated costs of a parking system to an organization. Including the costs associated with operating and maintaining the system during the lifetime of operational use. For Autopark cost of ownership is the basis of the design of a Parking system.

To guarantee the lowest cost of ownership, Autopark uses A-brand components as original design components. For export projects in series production Autopark can customize these components for local brand products in case this helps client to optimize their process and stay in control of local operating process - and therefore also of the associated operational costs - .   Autopark is always available to provide a lending hand by its extensive worldwide service & support capabilities.


System reliability is the probability that a parking system - including all hardware, firmware and software - will satisfactorily perform the task for which it was designed or intended, for a specified time and in a specified environment.

For each application Autopark Engineers design the system and the component based on the operating environment, production process, customer specification and requirements. Using standard components to guarantee reliability a customized layout system is also an option.


System availability is the ratio of the total time a system is operable and in a committable state during a specified interval in respect to the length of the interval. System availability is also referred to as ‘up-time’ and is a factor influencing the output of the parking process. Based on experience Autopark only offers automatic parking systems based on full redundancy for the elements as robot – elevator and takeover unit.

Arguably availability is the most important aspect in the design of an parking system. After all, a system can only be reliable once it is up and running. In turn the lowest cost of ownership can only be achieved by a system with high availability and reliability. All together these three factors are the basis of the designs of any Autopark palletless parking system.